How a Home Inspection Benefits You

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Buying a home is one of the single largest purchases you will make in your life. While a home inspection may seem like just another added expense, they actually provide an in-depth look at the inner workings of the home. We’re going to explore some of the benefits of a home inspection.

The main reason you pay for a home inspection is to gain information about the property you are looking to purchase. A good home inspection report will provide you with information that includes how to protect your investment through proper upkeep and maintenance – information such as upkeep of window lintels on brick, or stone houses. These steel components provide a shelf for the brick to sit on if the steel is not maintained it can rust. This can lead to an expansion of the metal and damage to the brick and mortar. Keeping the lintels protected with exterior grade paint can help avoid such problems.

The information gathered during the home inspection will help you better understand the condition of the home, giving you peace of mind that there are no surprises in the near future. This information will help you on three fronts. First, it will help you plan for the future by informing you of the age and condition of major house components – such as roofs, heat, and air systems, water heaters, etc. – and explains what the life expectancy of the components are and best maintenance practices to keep them in tip-top condition. Second, it will assess the home for major risks such as structural issues, leaks, safety concerns, and in some cases improperly and non-permitted renovations and additions. Last, but not least, this information will give you negotiation leverage and save you money by allowing you to broker repairs, or a better price on the home.

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